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Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspection in South Florida

Meir Alarms Inc. is here to ensure your building stays safe and sound during a fire emergency by providing fire sprinkler systems inspection in South Florida. Our certified technicians possess 5 years of expertise within the fire systems industry, and our services ensure buildings consistently stay up to code and in compliance. You can rely on us to provide comprehensive testing and ensure your fire system is ready to protect your building.

fire sprinkler system after inspection

We Provide a Total Fire Sprinkler Inspection

A quality fire sprinkler system is crucial to keeping your building safe in a fire emergency. Your system must possess the high-pressure, proper water flow, and fast reaction time to extinguish building fires as soon as possible. Our inspections ensure your sprinkler system will protect people and property if the worst happens. We evaluate your sprinkler system’s essential components to determine if it’s in working order.

Our Inspections Include

But are not limited to


Fire sprinkler pumps provide your system with the high pressure needed to extinguish fires quickly. Our team checks to see if your pump is giving water the necessary power.


Water backflow can cause significant building code violations and health risks. We monitor your backflow preventer's condition to determine if it's keeping your water flowing in the right direction.


Fire system standpipes deliver water to your sprinkling system. Our technicians inspect your standpipes for evident and hidden flaws inhibiting your standpipe's ability to deliver water efficiently.


Fire Sprinkler System Services

Our team is NFPA and NICET-certified, which means they’ve attained the highest level of training and requirements to perform superior inspections, repairs, and maintenance on your fire sprinkler system. Contact a certified technician if you need the following services for your building:


We test and assess your fire sprinkler system's components, water flow and pressure and make recommendations for repairs and maintenance based on what we discover.


Fire system disrepair means your system is a risk of violating codes and endangering your building. Trust us to repair your system and restore its functionality.


Does your building need a new fire sprinkler system? Does your existing system need an upgrade? If so, our certified technicians will provide complete installation.

Fire Protection You Can Rely On

Our technicians undergo rigorous training to become NFPA and NICET-certified, and they perform services with your building’s safety and compliance as top priorities. We’re dedicated to ensuring your fire protection system is prepared to handle fire emergencies quickly and efficiently. Contact us today and schedule an inspection, repair, or routine maintenance to keep your building safe and secure.

The Highest Degree of Protection