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Reliable Emergency BDA Systems in South Florida

Every building could benefit from a boosted radio signal in the event of an emergency. Meir Alarms Inc. provides first responders with clear communication by providing BDA systems in South Florida. Our family-owned and operated company has installed countless BDA systems around the area, giving building owners more comfort and confidence in the safety of their buildings.

fire fighters battling fire

What Is a BDA System?

Firefighters rely on clear communication with first responders and teams outside a burning building to save lives and property. Firefighters use two-way radios to communicate throughout the fire extinguishing and evacuation process. However, the affected building’s location, design, and general quality can distort two-way radios, rendering communication difficult or blocking pathways completely.

A bi-directional amplifier (BDA) boosts and strengthens two-way radio signals so firefighters and first responders can communicate effectively, hopefully keeping more people and property safe.

How Does a BDA System Work?

There are two types of BDA solutions used to boost first responder communication during an emergency. They are:

Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios maintain clear, open communication between first responders for the duration of a fire emergency. They are designed with robust signals so first responders can make contact quickly and efficiently, enhancing safety for everyone involved in the emergency.

Cellular Solutions

The leading cause of disrupted communication between first responders is “dead zones” or areas within the affected building where radio signals are prone to dropping. Cellular solutions give building dead zones an increase in signal power so first responders can communicate anywhere.

Why Choose Us?

We provide customized BDA solutions that meet your building’s specific requirements. Our solutions adhere to common areas where reception is poor such as basements, tunnel systems, and stairwells. We eliminate signal disruptors like dead zones and other problem areas in your buildings, ensuring firefighters can maintain constant, clear communication in a fire emergency.

The Highest Degree of Protection